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Synkriom is your source for end-to-end IT services. Not only are we an IT service provider – we’re a strategic business partner. Synkriom is committed to long-term client partnerships by creating value across a wide range of processes with far reaching impact on client business models and ROI.

Komal Dangi, CEO

Streamlined End-to-End
IT Services

Synkriom’s client-centric services, agile business practices, our team of experts and our innovative track record in recruiting & staffing make us a preferred source for many of the world’s top companies and government entities. Our streamlined IT services, processes, and project management capabilities set us apart from the rest.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the process of shielding and recovering networks, programs, and devices from any type of cyber-attack. We have a collection of technologies, practices, and processes.

Data Analysis Application

Data analysis is the process of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about information. Techniques and processes are automated usually using an application. This creates mechanical processes and algorithms that organize raw data for human consumption.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of converting your business practices, processes, and products to reflect the modern age in which we give customers the experience they’ve come to expect. Synkriom digital transformation is accomplished by replacing manual processes and older technology with digital, cutting-edge solutions.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise Application In today’s digital world, you need a robust software system that’s up to the challenge of meeting all your business needs and requirements. Not all platforms are up for the job, and this is where a Synkriom enterprise application comes in.

Intelligence Automation

Intelligence automation is the process of integrating two different systems used in a company. Essentially, intelligence automation combines robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help bolster rapid end-to-end business process automation. Synkriom helps prevent duplicate data in systems and allows users work and stay organized with a single platform.

Mobile and Web Application

Part of being a successful business is having a strong digital presence. This means your business must be accessible online, via both mobile and web applications.

Staff Augmentation

Looking for a way to get some extra help from workers who are trained and certified specifically for the job you need done? Consider Synkriom staff augmentation.

Our Streamlined

Total Talent Management Solution

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