About Us

Founded in 2015 and backed by two decades of hands-on experience, our strong insight on the enterprise ecosystem and its dynamics helps to offer a complete end-to-end solution. We automate recruitment processes with intelligent solutions to save time and money.  Synkriom leads the industry with experience authentication of candidates.


Did you know that the untimely departure of a wrongly recruited candidate costs over 20% of their annual salary? Our expertise and tools save you from this hassle. The ultimate objective is ROI and working around robust partnership models that we co-create with the client.

What We Do

Our resource pool includes standard CRM, cloud, front and back end developers, as well as data analytics and networking professionals.

Synkriom helps to power astute HR management supported by mobile platforms and cloud-based tracking solutions. Cost per hire is an important factor in strategic planning and budgeting to determine future investments in recruiting tools and increasing company headcount.

We use our proprietary product, VeriKlick, to verify our candidate talent pool. VeriKlick is designed to offer end-to-end services for applicant verification, tracking, and recruitment system by utilizing the latest technology available in the market. This exciting product will enhance and expedite your overall hiring process by streamlining from resume submission up to and including onboarding. 

What Makes Us Different

Our customers vouch for us as we continue to make sure you stick to the top talent by authenticating the right talent by combining recruiting technology and domain expertise.
  • We are well-positioned with seasoned professionals carrying a combined experience of 85+ years in managing and recruiting tech resources.
  • Our client-centric services, agile team, and innovative track record make us a preferred source for many of the world’s top companies and governments.
  • Streamlined processes and project management capabilities to operate in today’s fast track corporate environment set us apart from the rest.
  • Our agile recruiting team is available 24/7 with a placement track record of 250+ resources.
  • Built upon strong corporate values and client satisfactory performance, we aim to not just to be an IT service provider but a strategic business partner.

Meet Komal Dangi, CEO and Founder

As CEO and Founder of Synkriom, Komal Dangi has an exemplary reputation of customer and employee satisfaction. Komal is an IT professional with over 15 years of experience, has successfully launched six startups globally, and holds a master’s degree in computer science and MBA from NJIT.

Komal has also played an intricate role in the establishment, development, and success of VeriKlick, helping companies streamline the employee vetting and verification process. Using her exceptional knowledge and consulting skills, Komal has made significant contributions to HR technology and success, guiding countless businesses toward customized solutions in information technology.

With a primary focus on top-notch recruitment, strategic planning, and budgeting, Komal has helped companies increase revenues through effective HR management. She is an active member of the NJ Lions Club promoting STEM to the younger generation.

Komal has received numerous awards, thanks to her hardwork, dedication and leadership.
Synkriom is your source for end-to-end IT services. Not only are we an IT service provider – we’re a strategic business partner. Synkriom is committed to long-term client partnerships by creating value across a wide range of processes with far reaching impact on client business models and ROI.