Intelligence Automation Services

Digital transformation requires more than one technology, which creates the need for intelligence automation.


What is Intelligence Automation?

Intelligence automation is the process of integrating two different systems used in a company.  Essentially, intelligence automation combines robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help bolster rapid end-to-end business process automation. Synkriom helps prevent duplicate data in systems and allows users work and stay organized with a single platform.

How Does Intelligence Automation Work?

Intelligence automation has a hand in each step of the automation cycle.
It learns to improve and become more efficient over time. It starts with process discovery, in which AI tools automatically watch, learn, and memorize the work patterns of your staff. This helps identify the best workflow practices and then propose an automation pathway.

Intelligence automation allows access to unstructured information such as human chat conversations, video, and audio – crucial data for creating end-to-end automation. In fact, unstructured information accounts for 80% of all business data!

Benefits of Synkriom Intelligence Automation

Increased process efficiency and accuracy

Improved speed

Optimized back office operations

Optimized workflow and productivity

Product and service innovation

Increased fraud detection and more effective monitoring

Improved customer experience

Reduced costs and risks

Scalable infrastructure

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