Mobile and Web Application Services

Part of being a successful business is having a strong digital presence. This means your business must be accessible online, via both mobile and web applications. With Synkriom application services, potential clients can connect with you from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop


What is Mobile and Web Application?

Mobile and web application refer to an IT service that develops both mobile and web apps.
While some may think all apps are the same, mobile and web apps are developed and deployed differently and even have differences for the user.

Web apps, for example, work like downloadable apps and can be used from your phone’s
internet browser.
Mobile apps, on the other hand, are built for a specific platform (such as iOS or Android) and are installed through the app store.

Mobile apps are stored and run on your mobile device itself. Popular mobile apps are Facebook
Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat.
Web apps are accessible only through your internet browser and adapt to whatever device you’re using them on.

How Does Mobile and Web Application Work?

Synkriom mobile and web application development is all about creating apps for web and mobile that are easy to use and drive loyalty. These apps are either created from scratch, or an app you’ve already created is improved. Development begins by assessing the requirements of the web or mobile app to create a clear development plan. This plan then entails analysis of your business, prototyping, and design. We deliver usable app solutions quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Synkriom Mobile and Web Application

Technical and Business Expertise

By hiring our temporary workers, you avoid expenses that come with the salaries, training, and benefits of salaried professionals while still receiving quality work.

Timely Development

Our mobile and web application developers are highly skilled and trained, so you can rest assured that your applications are developed quickly and efficiently using the best practices, tech, and standards in the industry.

Stable Platform

Project management expertise means you don’t have to worry about poorly developed software that doesn’t work on different platforms.

Mobile and Web Application Process

As an end-to-end IT service provider offering application solutions and professional consultation, our goal is to provide cost-effective services and innovative solutions for your organization. We aim to help you unlock your business potential by providing a well-rounded mobile and web application process.
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Use Cases

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Competitive Research

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Audience Definition

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Development Roadmap

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Marketing Strategy

What Makes Our Mobile and Web Application Different

  • Our seasoned leaders carry a combined experience of 85+ years in application services.
  • Our client-centric services and innovative track record in mobile and web application make us a preferred source for many of the world’s top companies and governments.
  • Our business model and practices cater to your application needs.
  • Our streamlined processes and project management capabilities are designed to operate in today’s fast track corporate environment.
  • Our agile recruiting team is available 24/7 with a placement track record of 250+ staffing resources.
  • We aim to not just to be an application provider but a strategic business partner.

Get Started with Synkriom

At Synkriom, we believe that the right technology solution is the key to a competitive advantage.
Not only are we an end-to-end IT service provider – we’re a strategic business partner.

Our goal is to assist you in making complex technical decisions, and to act as a single point of contact for all the technology needs – from business IT transformation, application development, and
managed services to professional consultation and outsourcing solutions.


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