Industries We Serve

Synkriom provides cost-effective services and cutting-edge innovative software solutions for industries around the world. We help to unlock your business potential by providing well-rounded domain and technical expertise built on stability and accuracy.

Our verification and talent management platform offers full-service candidate sourcing powered by talent advisors to find the perfect hire across many industries.


Our experience in the automotive industry gives us the advantage of an established network of qualified candidates with the required skills for your needs. We’ll find the perfect candidate for any automotive position.

BFSI & Financial

From accountants and bookkeepers, to auditors and collectors, to controllers and managers, we’ll find the perfect candidate for your organization in the financial industry.

Consumer Products and Goods

With the rise of customer channels and costs in the consumer products and goods industry, companies are reassessing their models. We’ll help you reach the right customers and drive value for your business.

Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma

Our domain and technology specialists help the healthcare, life sciences, and pharma industry lower operational costs, improve standards, and grow revenue and ROI. Let us be your point of contact for all your needs.


We find candidates across all sectors and disciplines within the manufacturing industry. Our consultants understand the importance of operational and technical roles and can offer solutions to all your manufacturing needs.

Oil & Gas

Fresh talent and new innovations in technology are driving the oil & gas industry. We can help you find candidates for offshore, onshore, midstream, downstream, and upstream positions to grow with your oil & gas company.

Retail & eCommerce

Retail and eCommerce is a competitive industry that is constantly changing to keep up with customer satisfaction. With your data and strategies in mind, we’ll find the perfect candidate for any position.


Companies in the telecom industry are evolving their business models to enhance customer experience. We’ll help you achieve cost efficiencies, drive sustainable growth strategies, and reduce customer churn.


The utility industry is facing cost saving demands of customers, regulatory requirements, and environmental concerns. Work with us so you don’t need to face budget constraints or a shrinking talent pool.


The travel industry must keep up with customer expectations in a digital world. We’ll help you deliver higher customer satisfaction, improve your bottom line, and create new business models.