Supporting Our Veterans

We are proud to be a supporter of military veterans and their families. As a promise to our commitment, we have created a Hire Vets Challenge Program, and partnered with major veterans organizations.

Our Support for the U.S Military Veterans and Their Families

We are committed to helping and hiring veterans through our Hire Vets Challenge ProgramMilitary skills and expertise can be an invaluable addition to any organization. We also recognize the leadership and character that veterans and their family members bring to the workforce.


We are offering a Coin Challenge to all companies to support Veterans & their Family members by directly engaging them in training and staffing programs. We will lead the way and partner with you to ensure success.

About the Hire Vets Challenge Program

Veterans are an important part of our community as they have served our country and kept us safe and protected thanks to their bravery and dedication. This program was created to give back to the veterans and their families by helping them find security and stability in the workforce. Their skills and work ethic are a critical asset to the workforce.


This program includes a multitude of ways for us here at Synkriom to help support the military veterans and families in the workforce. Our approach is direct and guarantees to impact military veterans and their families in a positive way.

Synkriom's Approach to Supporting Veterans

Hiring Drives

We will be hosting hiring drives with industry professionals and leading company for military veterans and their families.

Military Diversity Outreach

We will be looking for leads reaching out to military veterans who are interested in joining the workforce.

Training Programs

We are in the process of implementing a training program to assist military veterans and their families.

Mentoring Veterans

We are creating a mentorship program for military veterans and their families for one-on-one assistance.